§__.22(c)(2)(i) Affiliate Lending Constraint

§__.22(c)(2)(i) – 1

Q: Regardless of examination type, how is this constraint [“no affiliate may claim a loan origination or loan purchase if another institutions claims the same loan origination or purchase”] on affiliate lending applied?

A1. This constraint prohibits one affiliate from claiming a loan origination or purchase claimed by another affiliate. However, an institution can count as a purchase a loan originated by an affiliate that the institution subsequently purchases, or count as an origination a loan later sold to an affiliate, provided the same loans are not sold several times to inflate their value for CRA purposes. For example, assume that two institutions are affiliated. Institution A originates a loan and claims it as a loan origination. Institution B later purchases the loan. Institution B may count the loan as a purchased loan.

The same institution may not count both the origination and purchase. Thus, for example, if an institution claims loans made by an affiliated mortgage company as loan originations, the institution may not also count the loans as purchased loans if it later purchases the loans from its affiliate. See also Q&As §__.22(c)(2)(ii) – 1 and §__.22(c)(2)(ii) – 2.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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