§__.23(b) CRA Consideration Under Multiple Tests

§__.23(b) – 1

Q: Even though the regulations state that an activity that is considered under the lending or service tests cannot also be considered under the investment test, may parts of an activity be considered under one test and other parts be considered under another test?

A1. Yes, in some instances the nature of an activity may make it eligible for consideration under more than one of the performance tests. For example, certain investments and related support provided by a large retail institution to a CDC may be evaluated under the lending, investment, and service tests. Under the service test, the institution may receive consideration for any community development services that it provides to the CDC, such as service by an executive of the institution on the CDC’s board of directors. If the institution makes an investment in the CDC that the CDC uses to make community development loans, the institution may receive consideration under the lending test for its pro rata share of community development loans made by the CDC. Alternatively, the institution’s investment may be considered under the investment test, assuming it is a qualified investment. In addition, an institution may elect to have a part of its investment considered under the lending test and the remaining part considered under the investment test. If the investing institution opts to have a portion of its investment evaluated under the lending test by claiming its pro rata share of the CDC’s community development loans, the amount of investment considered under the investment test will be offset by that portion. Thus, the institution would receive consideration under the investment test for only the amount of its investment multiplied by the percentage of the CDC’s assets that meet the definition of a qualified investment.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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