§__.26(b)(3) & (4) Small Institution Loan Distribution Performance

§__.26(b)(3) & (4) – 1

Q: How will a small institution’s performance be assessed under these lending distribution criteria [borrower income and geographic location]?

A1. Distribution of loans, like other small institution performance criteria, is considered in light of the performance context. For example, a small institution is not required to lend evenly throughout its assessment area(s) or in any particular geography. However, in order to meet the standards for satisfactory performance under this criterion, conspicuous gaps in a small institution’s loan distribution must be adequately explained by performance context factors such as lending opportunities in the institution’s assessment area(s), the institution’s product offerings and business strategy, and institutional capacity and constraints. In addition, it may be impracticable to review the geographic distribution of the lending of an institution with very few demographically distinct geographies within an assessment area. If sufficient information on the income levels of individual borrowers or the revenues or sizes of business borrowers is not available, examiners may use loan size as a proxy for estimating borrower characteristics, where appropriate.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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