§__.42(b)(2) Required Data Reporting – HMDA vs. CRA

§__.42(b)(2) – 2

Q: If a loan meets the definition of a home mortgage, small business, or small farm loan AND qualifies as a community development loan, where should it be reported?  Can Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Affairs, and Small Business Administration loans be reported as community development loans?

A2. Except for multifamily affordable housing loans, which may be reported by retail institutions both under HMDA as home mortgage loans and as community development loans, in order to avoid double counting, retail institutions must report loans that meet the definition of “home mortgage loan,” “small business loan,” or “small farm loan” only in those respective categories even if they also meet the definition of “community development loan.” As a practical matter, this is not a disadvantage for institutions evaluated under the lending, investment, and service tests because any affordable housing mortgage, small business, small farm, or consumer loan that would otherwise meet the definition of “community development loan” will be considered elsewhere in the lending test. Any of these types of loans that occur outside the institution’s assessment area(s) can receive consideration under the borrower characteristic criteria of the lending test. See Q&A §__.22(b)(2) & (3) – 4.

Limited purpose and wholesale institutions that meet the size threshold for reporting purposes also must report loans that meet the definitions of home mortgage, small business, or small farm loans in those respective categories. However, these institutions must also report any loans from those categories that meet the regulatory definition of “community development loan” as community development loans. There is no double counting because wholesale and limited purpose institutions are not subject to the lending test and, therefore, are not evaluated on their level and distribution of home mortgage, small business, small farm, and consumer loans.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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