§__.42(c)(2) CRA Data Collection on Commercial Loans Secured by Residential Real Estate

§__.42(c)(2) – 1

Q: Call Report Schedule RC-C, Part II does not allow institutions to report loans for commercial and industrial purposes that are secured by residential real estate, unless the security interest in the nonfarm residential real estate is taken only as an abundance of caution. (See Q&As §__.12(v) – 3) Loans extended to small businesses with gross annual revenues of $1million or less may, however, be secured by residential real estate. May an institution collect this information to supplement its small business lending data at the time of the examination?

A1. Yes. If these loans promote community development, as defined in the regulation, the institution should collect and report information about the loans as community development loans. Otherwise, at the institution’s option, it may collect and maintain data concerning loans, purchases, and lines of credit extended to small businesses and secured by nonfarm residential real estate for consideration in the CRA evaluation of its small business lending. An institution may collect this information as “Other Secured Lines/Loans for Purposes of Small Business” in the individual loan data. This information should be maintained at the institution but should not be submitted for central reporting purposes.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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