How can I request to have nonprofits reviewed in a specific community?

At findCRA, we are always updating Community Qualifier with additional CRA-aligned nonprofits from across the United States. Each geography is fully vetted using CRANIA, our proprietary decisioning algorithm, and further verified by our team of CRA experts.

If your bank has a paid subscription to Community Qualifier and you’re having trouble finding nonprofits in a specific community, we’ve made it easy for you to request an additional review of that community directly from the Community Qualifier search results page. Simply take the following steps:

1. Search in any U.S. state, city, county, or zip code using the Community Qualifier geography search bar.

2. Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Can’t find the right nonprofits in a specific community?” (below the search results and market summary sections on the left side of the page).

3. Complete the state and either the county or city fields and click the “SUBMIT REQUEST” button.

If you have any further questions on geographies or would like to submit a request by email, please contact us at

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