How do banks and nonprofits interact on findCRA?

While findCRA’s Community Qualifier platform is primarily designed to be a research tool, we’ve built in some features to support online interaction between bank users and nonprofits users.

Bank users can invite nonprofits to claim their profile

Bank users can email claimed nonprofits directly from the nonprofit’s profile

Nonprofit users can update their profile to tell their CRA story

While nonprofit users do not have the ability to message bank users directly through user-to-user interaction, nonprofits can update their profiles with unique messaging to tell their CRA story to bank users in their own words.

Nonprofit users have the ability to update the following fields on their nonprofit profiles:

  • Year Founded
  • Total Employees
  • Total Volunteers
  • Mission Statement
  • Primary Focus
  • Targeted Clients
  • Percent LMI Served
  • Income Characteristics of targeted Clients
  • Nonprofit Website
  • Nonprofit Phone Number
  • Nonprofit General Email
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • Up to four Programs & Services
  • Service Area


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