How do I approve or decline additional users for my nonprofit’s account?

Only the Nonprofit Account Owner has the ability to approve or decline additional Users on a Nonprofit’s account.

When a new Nonprofit User requests to  join a Nonprofit’s Account, the Account Owner will receive an email notification.  The Account Owner can then log in to your Account and access the User Dashboard by clicking on their name in the upper right-hand corner. From there, the Nonprofit Account Owner can view all approved and pending User requests.

The Account Owner can decision pending User requests directly from the User Dashboard.  Approved requests will automatically receive access to the website and the new User will be notified of the approval.  Declined requests will be deleted from the User Dashboard and the declined User will receive notice of the decline.

At any time, if you do not recognize a User that has requested to be added to your Nonprofit, declined or approved a User request in error or wish to switch the Account Owner, please contact us at or start a Live Chat on the Website.


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