How do I contact nonprofits through findCRA?

Reaching out to nonprofits on our site is easy.  First, you’ll need to be logged in as a Bank User and have a paid subscription to Community Qualifier.  Once you find a nonprofit you’re interested in contacting, you have various options for reaching out to them from their Nonprofit Profile.

1. Request an introduction

For all nonprofits listed on findCRA, you can request that findCRA make an introduction to the nonprofit on your behalf. Once you submit a request, we’ll do our best to contact the nonprofit and facilitate an email introduction between you and a representative from the organization. Once you’ve opened a nonprofit profile, follow the steps below to submit an introduction request.

  1. Open the More options dropdown menu by clicking the ellipsis button on the far right side of the profile navigation bar.
  2. Click “Request Introduction” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Confirm your request by clicking the INTRODUCE ME button in the bottom right corner of the popup window.


2. Send an Email 

If the nonprofit has claimed their profile, you have the option of either requesting an introduction or emailing the nonprofit directly.  Your email messages with be automatically delivered from findCRA straight to the nonprofit’s inbox using the email address they’ve provided to us for this feature. Be sure to include your contact info and a brief message about why you’re reaching out, so the nonprofit can get in touch with you. Once you’ve opened the profile of a claimed nonprofit, follow the steps below to send the nonprofit an email.

  1.  Open the More options dropdown menu by clicking the ellipsis button on the far right side of the profile navigation bar.
  2.  Click “Email Nonprofit” from the dropdown menu.
  3.  Compose the subject line and body of your email within the popup window and click SEND. We’ve provided placeholder content in these fields for your convenience, but you can edit, add or remove any of this content as you see fit.


3. Request an Introduction on a Community Need Listing

On Community Need Listings, you can contact the nonprofit who listed the need by requesting an introduction, which we’ll facilitate on your behalf, or by contacting them yourself using the contact information located on the “Contact Details” tab.  To request an introduction, simply visit the Community Need Listing your interested in and click on the “Request Introduction” button located in the left side panel. NOTE: Community Needs can only be listed by nonprofits who have gone through our CRA Certification process. These listings are open to be viewed by all visitors and users of findCRA. To request an introduction to a nonprofit lister, you’ll need to be logged into your findCRA user account.

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