How do I search nonprofits?

You can search for the CRA-aligned nonprofits that matter most to you using findCRA’s Community Qualifier search engine. To get full access to Community Qualifier search features, including the ability to view, save or print individual nonprofit profiles, you’ll need to be an approved user at a bank or other financial institution that has an active subscription.

Once your subscription and user account are up and running, you can log into findCRA and search for nonprofits on Community Qualifer anytime. Read on for a more detailed guide on how to access and use the Community Qualifier search features.

1. Navigate to the Community Qualifier search page


  1. After logging in, open the navigation menu by clicking the square grid icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the Community Qualifier icon inside the navigation menu.



2. Choose your geography

  1. In the search bar, type the state, county, city, or zip code where you would like to search for nonprofits.
  2. Scan the dropdown list of suggested locations and click on the location you want.


3. Search a different geography or narrow down your results

  1. To search in a different geography, use the geography search bar at the top of the search results page.
  2. Use the search filters in the left side panel to narrow down your results based on specific CRA categories or qualifications (see section 4 below for more on how to use the search filters).
  3. Search for a specific nonprofit by name or keyword using the search bar located at the top of the search results area.


4. Get granular using search filters

The filters in the left side panel can be switched “on” or “off” to modify your search results within a geography. Remember, after turning any filters “on” or “off”, you’ll need to click the “APPLY” button to update your results.


  1. CRA Category¬†filters are based on the specific community development purposes defined by CRA regulations and we’ve assigned each nonprofit to one CRA Category – note, all CRA Category filters are turned “on” by default, so whenever you search in a geography, nonprofits from all CRA Categories will appear in your initial search results.
  2. The filters for Nonprofit Location and Awards & Certifications are based on specific geographic or activity-based CRA qualifications that a nonprofit may have and are a powerful way to find the exact type of organization you’re looking for or uncover new opportunities – note, these are turned “off” by default.
  3. Click the “APPLY” button to activate any filters you’ve turned “on” or “off” in the geography you initially searched. Clicking the “RESET” button, by contrast, will return all filters (including the keyword search bar) back to their default settings and bring back your initial search results for that geography.



5. Quickly search in other cities

For any geography you choose to search in, a list of cities within the state where you searched will appear at the bottom of the page. Simply click on any city in the list to see the nonprofit search results for that city.


Don’t have a subscription to Community Qualifier?

Use the City Search links located on our Community Qualifier product info page to get a feel for how Community Qualifier works and to see a summary count of CRA-aligned nonprofits in select markets.


If you have any questions about searching for nonprofits on findCRA or how best to optimize your search results, please contact us at or start a LiveChat on the Website.

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