How does a bank work with findCRA?

Banks use our services for market research, compliance documentation, as well as outreach efforts to nonprofits and other community development partners, all to help meet their requirements under the federal Community Reinvestment Act.

Banks can use any of findCRA’s online, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions by purchasing a subscription for their bank. Our SaaS solutions are designed with a “CRA first” mindset to make community research and outreach easier than it’s ever been. These solutions are unique in the marketplace and include the following products:

Community Qualifier. This first-of-its-kind search engine enables banks to quickly find and research CRA-aligned nonprofits. Bank users can search in any city, state, county or zip code and view detailed profiles for each nonprofit listed as well as maintain those profiles as consistent records for their examiners.  Bank users can also request introductions to nonprofits and message nonprofits through the Community Qualifier platform.

Contexter. Banks can build CRA performance context instantly for any county in the nation with this tool. Using Contexter, a bank can review county-level market reports with nearly 200 data points organized into 10 key areas like housing, education, income, employment, and more.  Market reports can be shared, saved, and printed as needed to make performance context research instant and easy.

ComplyAnswer. This service supports banks by allowing them to ask CRA questions as needed and receive consultant-level responses without the traditional consulting proposal and engagement process.

Community Need Listing. Nonprofits that have obtained CRA Certification through findCRA have the ability to list detailed community needs on our platform that all users can search for free. Through this listing bank users can find and research community needs within their assessment area and learn more about specific CRA programs and services that need bank support.  Each community need listing includes information about the need itself, a CRA analysis, and the Nonprofit contact information for free.

In addition to our online solutions, we also offer customized CRA consulting engagements for banks ranging from staff training to detailed CRA activities analysis and program review.

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