How often is nonprofit data updated on Community Qualifier?

When we qualify a nonprofit for inclusion on Community Qualifier, we ensure that we’ve used the most recent information available for that organization.  As we continue to expand our services, enhance our technology and refine our CRANIA review process, we are continually adding new nonprofits to Community Qualifier across the United States.

As source data is updated by the government agency or other industry source we use, we update our records and incorporate the newest data in our future qualifications.  We post our scheduled updates to the CRA Newswire under Company Announcements.

In addition, we periodically review nonprofits that we’ve already qualified in order update their information and ensure that they still qualify for inclusion on Community Qualifier. Also, in the event that a nonprofit doesn’t make it through our review process but is otherwise CRA-aligned, we will do a secondary review of the organization and add them to Community Qualifier if the nonprofit or a bank user submits a request to us.


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