I don’t see a nonprofit I think should be listed, how can I have them added?

While we attempt to include every nonprofit that meets our CRA-alignment criteria, there are some cases where a nonprofit won’t pass our CRANIA review requirements because their public data doesn’t fully demonstrate how they’re helping their community.

If you are a bank user with a paid subscription to Community Qualifier and are searching for nonprofits in a particular area, you may not find the nonprofit you’re looking for or have worked with in the past.  In those instances, we request that you let us know so that we can review the nonprofit and include them on the platform, if they meet our criteria.

You can submit a nonprofit for for us to review and add to Community Qualifier directly from the Community Qualifier search results page as shown below in the step-by-step guide.

1. Search in any U.S. state, city, county, or zip code using the Community Qualifier geography search bar.

2. Scroll down the page to the section labeled “Can’t find the CRA-aligned nonprofit you’re looking for?” (below the search results and market summary sections and the left side of the page).

3. Provide the nonprofit’s details in the available fields and click the “SUBMIT REQUEST” button.

Feel free to send any nonprofits our way so we can ensure that we’ve included your CRA-aligned nonprofit referral. If you have any further questions on getting your nonprofit(s) added or would like to submit a request by email, please contact us at support@findCRA.com.

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