Small Institutions | Performance Context

Performance Context

1 – Review standardized worksheets and other agency information sources to obtain relevant demographic, economic and loan data, to the extent available, for each assessment area under review.

2 – Obtain for review the Consolidated Reports of Condition (Call Reports) / Thrift Financial Reports (TFR), Uniform Bank Performance Reports (UBPR) / Uniform Thrift Performance Reports (UTPR), annual reports, supervisory reports, and prior CRA evaluations of the institution under examination. Review financial information and the prior CRA evaluations of institutions of similar size that serve the same or similar assessment area(s).

3 – Consider any information the institution may provide on its local community and economy, its business strategy, its lending capacity, or that otherwise assists in the evaluation of the institution.

4 – Review community contact forms prepared by the regulatory agencies to obtain information that assists in the evaluation of the institution. Contact local community, governmental or economic development representatives to update or supplement this information. Refer to the Community Contact Procedures for more detail.

5 – Review the institution’s public file for any comments received by the institution or the agency since the last CRA performance evaluation for information that assists in the evaluation of the institution.

6 – Document the performance context information gathered for use in evaluating the institution’s performance.


SOURCE: Small Institutions CRA Examination Procedures | OCC, FRB, FDIC and OTS | July 2007

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