What are Community Need Listings and how can I support them?

Community Need Listings are submitted by certified or verified nonprofits to share specific projects, programs or services that a bank may be able to participate in or support.  They include a variety of needs including financial donations, in-kind donations, volunteerism, financial literacy instruction, community development loans, products, services and more.

Any Bank User can access the Community Needs Listing search any time, for free!  We want to make sure that banks are able to find and support the needs of communities throughout the nation.  On the Community Needs search page, you can search by state, city, county or zip code to find listings in your assessment areas.

If you find a Community Need Listing that interests you, click on it to see more details about the community need, the impact it will make on the community and the nonprofit that listed it.  You’ll also be able to review a CRA Analysis that talks about the way the program meets CRA requirements.

If you’re interested in supporting the Community Need Listing, just click on the button to request an introduction and we’ll connect you with the nonprofit that listed the community need.  You can also save Community Need Listings to review later and can access your saved listings from your User Dashboard.

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