What counts as a qualified investment?

Qualified investments under the CRA range from highly complex government-sponsored programs to simple community donations given to nonprofit organizations.  Following are some examples of common financial investments that qualify for positive consideration during bank CRA examinations.

  • Investments made to community development organizations and entities such as Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Community Development Entities (CDEs), Community Development Corporations (CDCs), minority- and women-owned financial institutions, community loan funds and low-income or community-development credit unions to finance and support efforts to low- and moderate-income areas or individuals
  • Tax credit investments to¬†the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program or New Markets Tax Credit Program
  • Investments to organizations creating and supporting affordable housing
  • Investments to organizations promoting economic development such as Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) or Rural Business Investment Companies (RBICs).
  • Investments to nonprofit organizations or other community facilities supporting low- and moderate-income individuals or areas
  • State and municipal bond programs that support affordable housing or community development

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