What does it mean to claim my nonprofit?

Claiming a nonprofit on findCRA links you (and your user account) to a specific nonprofit organization listed on findCRA’s Community Qualifier platform. By claiming your nonprofit, you’re acknowledging that you work for or represent that nonprofit and are authorized to provide information to us and other users on its behalf.

Benefits of claiming your nonprofit:

  Unlocks access to view or download your nonprofit’s Community Qualifier profile

  Enables you to add key information to your nonprofit’s profile (Account Owners only)

  Boosts your nonprofit’s appearance in search results and builds trust with bank users

  Enables bank users to message your nonprofit’s primary contact directly through the platform

Important things to remember about claiming nonprofits:

  • When a nonprofit is claimed for the first time, the user that claims the nonprofit will become the Account Owner for that nonprofit by default.
  • Only the Account Owner of a nonprofit can edit information that appears on the nonprofit’s profile.
  • When you claim a nonprofit that has already been claimed, a request to be added to the nonprofit’s account will automatically be sent to the nonprofit’s Account Owner – he or she will need to approve your request in order for you to be linked to the nonprofit and get access to its profile.
  • You can only claim one nonprofit at any given time. (If you’re linked to a nonprofit and want to claim a different nonprofit, you’ll need to submit a request to us to have yourself removed from the nonprofit you’re currently linked to.)

Learn how to claim your nonprofit on findCRA.


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