What is a community service under CRA?

Examples of community services that benefit low- and moderate-income individuals and area include:

  • Providing technical assistance on financial matters to nonprofit, tribal, or government organizations serving low- and moderate-income housing or economic revitalization and development needs
  • Providing technical assistance on financial matters to small businesses or community development organizations, including organizations and individuals who apply for loans or grants under the Federal Home Loan Banks’ (FHLB) Affordable Housing Program
  • Lending employees to provide financial services for organizations facilitating affordable housing construction and rehabilitation or development of affordable housing
  • Providing credit counseling, home-buyer and home maintenance counseling, financial planning or other financial services education to promote community development and affordable housing, including credit counseling to assist low- or moderate-income borrowers in avoiding foreclosure on their homes
  • Establishing school savings programs or developing or teaching financial education or literacy curricula for low- or moderate-income individuals
  • Providing foreclosure prevention programs to low- or moderate-income homeowners who are facing foreclosure on their primary residence with the objective of providing affordable, sustainable, long-term loan modifications

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