What is a CRA Certification and what does it include?

With CRA Certification, you’ll receive customized tools and resources to present to banks that highlight your Nonprofit’s CRA alignment. Your organization will stand out in Community Qualifier, our Nonprofit search tool, helping you to capture the attention of banks in your community. You’ll also be able to list your organization’s specific requests for volunteers and funding on findCRA, allowing banks to easily search for and support your community needs.

Specifically, when you become a CRA Certified Nonprofit you’ll receive your CRA Story, CRA Strategy, a CRA Certificate to display at your Nonprofit, and a CRA Badge to use in marketing materials and on your website and social media.  These CRA Tools will give you the confidence to speak with banks about your CRA benefits and create the lasting relationships your nonprofit needs to thrive in the community.  To see examples of these CRA Tools, please go here.

cra cert

If you’d like to begin your CRA Certification application today, please go here.

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