What supporting documents will a bank need?

Each bank has it’s own requirements for what types of documents they’d like to see for a bank. ┬áThe type of number of documents also varies depending on if a nonprofit is applying for a loan, completing a grant application or simply asking for volunteers from the bank.

In general, the most common documents a nonprofit should have ready to share with their bank include:

  • A copy of the nonprofit’s IRS designation letter, especially if the nonprofit has a 501(c)(3) designation
  • The most recent IRS 990-form or other recent financial statements
  • A list of the nonprofit’s Board of Directors, including their related affiliations
  • The overall operating budget for the nonprofit for the current fiscal year
  • If a nonprofit is seeking support for a specific program or service, a separate budget for that program
  • Information about the goals and objectives for programs and how success will be measured
  • Demographic information for the people served by the nonprofit and/or the specific program or services, especially the income level of participants
  • The history of the nonprofit’s relationship with the bank including any customer relationship the nonprofit has with bank, past or future volunteer opportunities, and/or Board membership or other participation from bank employees
  • Documentation outlining how the nonprofit or its programs and services meet CRA requirements

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