Where is findCRA available?

findCRA is available to banks and nonprofits in all 50 states and any U.S. territory.  Banks and Nonprofits located throughout the nation can sign-up to use our services.

Community Qualifier, our CRA-aligned Nonprofit search tool, is available to Banks of any size.  We continue to add CRA-aligned Nonprofits to Community Qualifier and periodically update existing Nonprofits as new data becomes available. As of today, we have added Nonprofits in 5,866 communities in 40 states and D.C. That means that we currently have nearly 43,000 CRA-aligned Nonprofits listed on our website. We’re on the path to qualify every community in the United States as illustrated below.

In addition to Community Qualifier, Banks can also search listed community needs throughout the nation.  Search the current listing of community needs.

Any IRS-registered Nonprofit can apply for CRA Certification through our simple online process.  The Nonprofit only needs to be located in the United States. Learn more about CRA Certification.

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