Who completes the CRA Analysis on Community Need listings and what does it include?

Who completes it:

Our staff of trained CRA professionals provides a CRA Analysis for each Community Need listed on findCRA to assist you with determining the benefits of supporting the need in comparison to your bank’s CRA goals.

What’s included:

Each CRA Analysis provides an overview of how the Community Need aligns with CRA requirements.  We document how it meets certain program features, including data on the impacted population and geography, as well as, demographic information from the Census Bureau.

Each CRA Analysis is prepared by one of our CRA experts based on their knowledge of the nonprofit, our research and our professional experience.  While we feel confident that we provide you with all the information you need to assess whether to support a listed need, we recommend that you also review each listing in comparison with your own bank’s goals and standards.  We cannot guarantee CRA credit during an examination.

To see a live CRA Analysis report, conduct a Community Need Listing search now and click on one of the listings. Community Need listings are free for all users and visitors to access.

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