§__.24(a) Evaluating Retail Banking Services and Community Development Services

§__.24(a) – 1

Q: How do examiners evaluate retail banking services and community development services under the large institution service test?

A1. Retail banking services and community development services are the two components of the service test and are both important in evaluating a large institution’s performance. In evaluating retail banking services, examiners consider the availability and effectiveness of an institution’s systems for delivering banking services, particularly in low- and moderate-income geographies and to low- and moderate income individuals; the range of services provided in low-, moderate-, middle-, and upper-income geographies; and the degree to which the services are tailored to meet the needs of those geographies. Examples of retail banking services that improve access to financial services, or decrease costs, for low- or moderate-income individuals include

In evaluating community development services, examiners consider the extent to which the institution provides such services and their innovativeness and responsiveness to community needs. Examples of community development services are listed in Q&A__.12(i) – 3. Examiners will consider any information provided by the institution that demonstrates community development services benefit low- or moderate-income individuals or are responsive to community development needs.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

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