§__.28(a) Performance Weights for Large Retail Institutions

§__.28(a) – 3

Q: How do the Agencies weight performance under the lending, investment, and service test for large retail institutions?

A3. A rating of “outstanding,” “high satisfactory,” “low satisfactory,” “needs to improve,” or “substantial noncompliance,” based on a judgment supported by facts and data, will be assigned under each performance test. Points will then be assigned to each rating as described in the first matrix set forth below. A large retail institution’s overall rating under the lending, investment and service tests will then be calculated in accordance with the second matrix set forth below, which incorporates the rating principles in the regulation.

Points Assigned For Performance Under Lending, Investment and Service Tests

Lending Service Investment
Outstanding 12 6 6
High Satisfactory 9 4 4
Low Satisfactory 6 3 3
Needs to Improve 3 1 1
Substantial Noncompliance 0 0 0

Composite Rating Point Requirements

(Add points from three tests)

Rating Total Points
Outstanding 20 or over
Satisfactory 11 through 19
Needs to Improve 5 through 10
Substantial Noncompliance 0 through 4

Note: There is one exception to the Composite Rating matrix. An institution may not receive a rating of “satisfactory” unless it receives at least “low satisfactory” on the lending test. Therefore, the total points are capped at three times the lending test score.


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

Last modified April 28, 2023