§__24(e) Community Development Services by Affiliates or Third Parties

§__.24(e) – 1

Q: Under what conditions may an institution receive consideration for community development services offered by affiliates or third parties?

A1. At an institution’s option, the Agencies will consider services performed by an affiliate or by a third party on the institution’s behalf under the service test if the services provided enable the institution to help meet the credit needs of its community. Indirect services that enhance an institution’s ability to deliver credit products or deposit services within its community and that can be quantified may be considered under the service test, if those services have not been considered already under the lending or investment test. See Q&A §__.23(b) – 1. For example, an institution that contracts with a community organization to provide home ownership counseling to low- and moderate- income home buyers as part of the institution’s mortgage program may receive consideration for that indirect service under the service test. In contrast, donations to a community organization that offers financial services to low- or moderate-income individuals may be considered under the investment test, but would not also be eligible for consideration under the service test. Services performed by an affiliate will be treated the same as affiliate loans and investments made in the institution’s assessment area and may be considered if the service is not claimed by any other institution. See 12 CFR   .22(c) and __.23(c).


Source: Interagency Questions & Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment | July 2016

Last modified April 28, 2023