What are examples of CRA-related complaints to include in the CRA Public File?

As you manage and update your CRA Public File, the CRA states that banks should include:

All written comments received from the public for the current year and each of the prior two calendar years that specifically relate to the bank’s or savings association’s performance in helping to meet community credit needs, and any response to the comments by the bank or savings association, if neither the comments nor the responses contain statements that reflect adversely on the good name or reputation of any persons other than the bank or savings association or publication of which would violate specific provisions of law.

What are some examples of complaints the bank receives that could be included in your CRA Public File?

You should be sure to include the bank’s response to CRA-related complaints as well.

Also, positive comments about the bank’s CRA program, products, services, and community support can and should be included in your CRA Public File when received.

Last modified April 28, 2023