We’ve added 275 Nonprofits in the State of South Dakota

We’ve completed our review of nonprofits in the state of South Dakota and have added 275 nonprofits that support CRA community building to Community Qualifier.  Throughout the state, you can find nonprofits focused on a variety of CRA areas including those with a primary purpose of:

  • 133 nonprofits providing community services to low- or moderate-income individuals
  • 61 nonprofits focused on economic development
  • 47 nonprofits supporting affordable housing
  • 30 nonprofits serving in low- or moderate-income geographies or CRA distressed/underserved areas
  • 4 nonprofits providing neighborhood revitalization and stabilization

Gain access to search all of these South Dakota nonprofits and view individual profiles for each one containing over 70 data points by purchasing access to  Community Qualifier today.

As a Nonprofit, you can claim your profile in just a matter of minutes to add additional information including your mission, clients served, focus area and contact details.

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