How do banks and nonprofits interact on findCRA?

While findCRA’s Community Qualifier platform is primarily designed to be a research tool, we’ve built in some features to support online interaction between bank users and nonprofits users. Bank users¬†can invite nonprofits to claim their profile Bank users can email claimed nonprofits directly from the nonprofit’s profile Nonprofit users can […]

How do I change my email address?

You can change the email address tied to your findCRA user account anytime from your account dashboard by following this step-by-step guide. 1. Log in and open your user dashboard. Log in to your findCRA user account and open your dashboard by clicking the MY ACCOUNT button from the dropdown […]

What does “CRA Verified” mean?

“CRA Verified” is a status that findCRA assigns to claimed nonprofits whose Account Owner has completed all required data fields on their nonprofit’s Community Qualifier profile. The data points required for reaching CRA Verified status facilitate key insights into an organization’s history, mission and operations and provide additional evidence to […]

How do I access CRA Tools?

If your nonprofit is CRA Verified, you or any other approved user on your nonprofit’s team have the ability to access our free CRA Tools anytime, right from the user dashboard. Follow the steps below to access CRA Tools. 1. Log in and open the CRA Tools tab on your […]

How does my nonprofit become CRA Verified?

Complete all required fields on your nonprofit profile For a nonprofit to become CRA Verified on findCRA, the Account Owner for that nonprofit must complete all required data fields on their organization’s Community Qualifier profile. The Account Owner can do this in the seven-step walk through immediately after claiming the […]

How do I edit my nonprofit profile?

To edit a nonprofit profile, you must have a findCRA user account and be the Account Owner of the nonprofit. You can access the ability to edit a nonprofit’s profile information in a few different ways, either from the seven-step walkthrough after you claim your nonprofit or directly from the […]

What does it mean to claim my nonprofit?

Claiming a nonprofit on findCRA links you (and your user account) to a specific nonprofit organization listed on findCRA’s Community Qualifier platform. By claiming your nonprofit, you’re acknowledging that you work for or represent that nonprofit and are authorized to provide information to us and other users on its behalf. […]

How do I get started with findCRA?

Getting started with findCRA is easy and free! The first step is signing up and creating your user account. From there, you can claim your nonprofit profile and begin completing the fields required for CRA Verification.¬† In this article, we’ll walk through a detailed guide on how to complete each […]