February 10, 2022

CDFI Fund: FY 2022 CDFI Program and NACA Program Application Round Opened

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) opened the fiscal year (FY) 2022 funding round for the Community Development Financial Institutions Program (CDFI Program) and Native American CDFI Assistance Program (NACA Program) today. The awards from these programs will support Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that provide affordable financing and related services to low-income communities and populations that lack access to credit, capital, and financial services.

Pending final Congressional appropriations, the CDFI Fund plans to award approximately $204 million in FY 2022 awards to be divided as follows:

A detailed overview of the CDFI Program, the NACA Program, and the types of awards available can be found in the FY 2022 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for those programs. To learn more, please view the CDFI Program NOFA and NACA Program NOFA. Please note that as of the date of these NOFAs the CDFI Fund is operating under a continuing funding resolution as enacted by the Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act (P.L. 117-43). The CDFI Fund reserves the right to contact applicants to seek additional information in the event that final FY 2022 appropriations for the CDFI Program or NACA Program change any of the requirements of these NOFAs.

Please read on to learn more about the FY 2022 CDFI Program and NACA Program application round.

FY 2022 CDFI Program and NACA Program Application Materials 

Reference copies of the NOFAs and all application materials can be found on the CDFI Fund’s website at:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read and view all application materials, including the NOFA, application guidance, webinars, and presentations.

In the coming weeks, the CDFI Fund will continue to update the Application Materials section of the CDFI Program and NACA Program webpages with additional guidance materials and presentations. Keep an eye on the CDFI Fund’s website for updates.

Required Application Systems

All applicants must be registered and have active accounts in SAM.govGrants.gov, and the CDFI Fund’s Awards Management Information System (AMIS) to apply for funding by March 14, 2022, or their application will be considered ineligible. All applicants are also required to have the correct EIN and DUNS numbers attached to the relevant SAM.gov and AMIS accounts by March 14, 2022. As soon as possible, organizations should either create these accounts if they don’t exist, or confirm that their existing accounts are up-to-date, in order to avoid potential application submission problems. Detailed information is available in the FY 2022 NOFA for each program.

New applicants are encouraged to begin the registration process for each of the systems now, and registration guidance is provided on each website. The CDFI Fund provided an initial overview of the steps to register in SAM.gov, Grants.gov, and AMIS on its Impact Blog in December 2021. However, the CDFI Fund does not manage SAM.gov or Grants.gov, and processes for these systems may have changed since then. Please review each system’s requirements carefully.  

Both new and repeat applicants should allow ample time to complete the entire registration and submission process well in advance of the application deadline. Please see the applicable NOFAs for more information on submitting the CDFI Program and NACA Program applications.


Please see the applicable NOFAs for more information on submitting the CDFI Program and NACA Program applications.

Learn About Applying to the CDFI and NACA Programs 

The CDFI Fund is conducting five live webinars to inform applicants about the FY 2022 CDFI Program and NACA Program applications and to answer applicant questions. Please view the Application Materials section of the CDFI Program and NACA Program webpages for the dates, times, and access information for each webinar. Advance registration is not required to participate in the webinars.


For more information on the CDFI Program or the NACA Program, please contact the CDFI Fund’s Help Desk by e-mailing cdfihelp@cdfi.treas.gov or by calling (202) 653-0421 (option 1) (please note this is not a toll free number).

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