CDFI Fund: Update for FY 2015 BEA Program Applicants

The CDFI Fund has updated two fiscal year (FY) 2015 Bank Enterprise Award Program (BEA Program) application documents. The revised versions of the “FY 2015 Application and Instructions” and “Certification 4” documents are now available on the CDFI Fund’s website at and on the website at

The documents have been changed to eliminate instructions which required applicants that had previously applied in the FY 2014 funding round to ensure that their FY 2015 Baseline Period amounts for activity types reported were identical to the Assessment Period amounts reported in their FY 2014 BEA Program applications. The changes can be found on pages 29 and 35 of the “FY 2015 Application and Instructions” document and page 1 of the “Certification 4” document.

This deletion is being made to be consistent with instructions on page 3 of the revised “FY 2015 BEA Application and Instructions” document under the heading “FY 2015 Updates,” which note that BEA Program applicants that applied in the FY 2014 funding round will be allowed to use both legacy and updated eligibility data sets to report their Baseline Period amounts for the FY 2015 funding round.


For more information on the BEA Program, please visit the BEA webpage of the CDFI Fund’s website: For questions regarding the BEA Program, please contact the CDFI Fund Help Desk at (202) 653-0421 or via email The CDFI Fund will not answer questions about the FY 2015 round after 5:00 p.m. on EDT June 11, 2015.