October 27, 2017

CDFI Fund: Update for FY 2017 Round BEA Program Applicants: Electronic Application Now Available

The electronic application for the fiscal year (FY) 2017 round of the Bank Enterprise Award Program (BEA Program) is now available in the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund’s (CDFI Fund) Awards Management Information System (AMIS).

All applicants must be registered in SAM.gov, Grants.gov, and AMIS to apply for funding. Previous applicants should confirm that their existing accounts for each system are active and up-to-date as soon as possible in order to avoid potential Standard Form-424 Mandatory (SF-424 Mandatory) and/or electronic application submission problems. New applicants are encouraged to begin this registration process immediately. Registration guidance for SAM.gov and Grants.gov can be found on the websites for those systems. Registration guidance for AMIS can be found in the “Getting Started – Navigating AMIS Training Manual.”

The CDFI Fund strongly recommends that instructions and application timelines be reviewed closely by both first-time and repeat applicants, and that applicants allow adequate time to submit their applications using AMIS. To assist potential applicants with the FY 2017 BEA Program, the CDFI Fund has provided on its website the following three documents: the Notice of Funds Availability, Application Instructions, and Supplemental Guidance and FAQs. All three of these documents can be found on the BEA Program webpage (www.cdfifund.gov/bea) under the ‘How To Apply’ section by clicking on Step 1: Apply.

In addition, the CDFI Fund has recorded a webinar to demonstrate the electronic application submission process in AMIS and has a comprehensive instruction manual to guide applicants through the technical aspects of using AMIS to complete their electronic applications. Links to the pre-recorded AMIS webinar and the “AMIS Training Manual for FY 2017 BEA Program Applicants” are also available on the BEA Program webpage (www.cdfifund.gov/bea) under the ‘How To Apply’ section by clicking on Step 1: Apply.

Reminder about Deadlines

Please view the CDFI Fund’s website at www.cdfifund.gov/bea for full details about the BEA Program and how to apply for the FY 2017 application round. For questions regarding the BEA Program, please contact the CDFI Fund Help Desk at (202) 653-0421 or via the Service Request feature in AMIS.

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