January 3, 2024

Census Bureau: Census Open Innovation Labs to Host Census Open Innovation Summit 2024

The U.S. Census Bureau is virtually hosting the annual Census Open Innovation Summit, a conference showcasing technology built with open data and highlighting government innovations, cross-sector collaboration and federal-community partnership.

The event is led by the Census Bureau’s Census Open Innovation Labs (COIL), which has an office at the U.S. Census Bureau, with a portfolio of award-winning projects that continue to raise the bar for open innovation across government. The summit is focused on open innovation across government through cross-sector collaboration, design and technology.


Census Open Innovation Summit 2024 is a multi-day virtual conference presented by COIL to feature innovative technology and data products; amplify the value of open innovation in government; host conversations with experts and community leaders; and provide hands-on learning opportunities for attendees.  


Jan. 17-19, 12-5 p.m. EST


The event will be fully virtual. To attend, please RSVP and view the full agenda at Census Open Innovation Summit 2024. For additional information, contact COIL.


Access TOP Summit 2024 at <https://coilsummit2024.splashthat.com>. Watch live on the Census Bureau’s Census Live page.

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