CFPB: New Financial Empowerment Tools for Native Communities

We’re excited to announce the release of Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on Native Communities . This is a companion guide to the Your Money, Your Goals financial empowerment toolkit. It contains additional information, tips, and tools based on the wisdom of tribal staff and organizations that serve native communities. Its goal is to meaningfully connect the content and tools in Your Money, Your Goals to people working and living in native communities.

Next month is Native American Heritage Month , a time for all of us to recognize and celebrate the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans and their contributions to the United States. We’ve created Your Money, Your Goals to help people use their financial resources to live today while planning for tomorrow and the next generation. When we approach financial topics with cultural awareness that conveys respect for mutual support and reciprocity, the process of financial empowerment can take root.

If you’d like to learn more about Your Money, Your Goals and the Focus on Native Communities guide, please join us for a special introductory webinar  on Nov. 15 from 1 – 3 pm ET.  To register for the webinar, send an email to with “November 15th webinar” in the subject line.

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