September 9, 2020

CFPB: New Podcast Series Announced Focused on Paying for Higher Education

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) today released the first episodes of a two-part podcast series for students, parents, and practitioners on managing finances before, during, and after college. The podcast series, Financial inTuition, will include interviews with experts in financial aid, student loans, financial coaching, and planning. The podcasts also will highlight the Bureau’s bevy of resources and tools to help young adult consumers make sound financial decisions.

“For young people, deciding on whether to attend college is a big decision, but equally important is figuring out how to pay for it,” said Director Kathleen L. Kraninger. “The Financial inTuition podcast series is aimed at providing tools, tips, and other informational resources to prepare students for what is assuredly one of the biggest financial decisions in life.”

The first part of the series, “Managing Your Money,” consists of three episodes:

The second part of the Financial inTuition podcast series, Student Loan Repayment, will be released in late fall. The three episodes on “Managing Your Money” can be found at:

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