November 16, 2016

Federal Reserve: Scope Broadened for Post-Employment Restrictions for FRB Senior Examiners and Officers

The Federal Reserve Board on Friday announced it is broadening the scope of post-employment restrictions applicable to Federal Reserve Bank senior examiners and officers.

By law, senior bank examiners are prohibited for one year from accepting paid work from a financial institution that they had primary responsibility for examining in their last year of Reserve Bank employment.  This post-employment restriction has applied primarily to central points of contacts (CPCs) at firms with more than $10 billion in assets.

The revised policy expands the number of Reserve Bank examiners subject to this one-year post-employment restriction to include CPCs, deputy CPCs, senior supervisory officers (SSOs), deputy SSOs, enterprise risk officers, and supervisory team leaders.  The new policy will more than double the number of senior examiners subject to this post-employment restriction from about 100 employees to about 250 employees.

In addition, a new policy prohibits former Federal Reserve Bank officers from representing financial institutions and other third parties before current Federal Reserve System employees for one year after leaving their Federal Reserve position.  The new policy also imposes a one year ban on current Reserve Bank employees discussing official business with these former officers.

The restriction on former officers will be effective on December 5, 2016, and the revised senior examiner policy will be effective on January 2, 2017.

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SR 16-16 / CA 16-7: Special Post-Employment Restriction for Senior Examiners

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