April 4, 2018

findCRA CEO and Co-Founder Ben Loehle Featured on Monumental Podcast

Podcast discussion focuses on “Social Impact at the Core of Business”

Ben Loehle, CEO and Co-Founder of findCRA, is the featured guest in the most recent episode of Monumental, a new  podcast, hosted by Evan Holladay.

In the episode, Ben discusses the changing landscape of community reinvestment, the importance of the Community Reinvestment Act and how social impact is an important consideration for businesses of all sizes.  He also shares his inspiration for founding findCRA to create technology allowing banks and nonprofits to better connect as they help disadvantaged communities throughout the country.

“I enjoyed sitting down with Evan and sharing my journey of becoming an entrepreneur,” said Ben. “We talked about some of my favorite topics including the startup industry, community reinvestment and our company’s latest breakthroughs.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my vision and experience with all the listeners of Monumental.”

Monumental was created and is hosted by Evan Holladay, a successful real estate developer, investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and blogger.  The podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and leaders who are shaping the future of their industries in monumental ways.  Discussions focus on their inspiration, motivation, vision and passion as well as how everyone can achieve success through experience and continual learning.

Ben’s episode, along with all the other episodes of Monumental, is available on Apple iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcheras well as Evan Holladay’s website.

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