Get Ready for 2019 with our 17 Latest Features and Tools

Over the past few months, our team has focused on enhancing Community Qualifier and our website as well as creating new tools to improve your findCRA experience. Today, we’re proud to announce 17 exciting updates for you to explore as you head into 2019.

1. New navigation menu

We’ve created a new navigation menu with quick links to findCRA services, your account and your saved data. This new navigation menu is customized based on your role as a banker, nonprofit or general user.

2. Updated user account menu

Along with the new navigation menu, we’ve updated your user account menu.  Right from this drop-down you can quickly get to your account, the findCRA Help Center or logout.

3. Refreshed homepage

We’ve refreshed our homepage to include new images, testimonials from some of our banker clients and a direct link to our redesigned consulting page.

4. New look and feel for Community Qualifier homepage

The Community Qualifier homepage has been updated with a new design to incorporate expanded Community Qualifier filters.  We’ve also combined the nonprofit counts and charts into one location and enhanced the interactive contact forms.

5. Expanded Community Qualifier filters

It’s easier than ever to find the right nonprofits to meet your CRA goals with our new Community Qualifier filters. In addition to the CRA Category filters, you can now refine your search further by CRA Geographies and CRA Awards & Certificates.

6. CRA Market Analysis Reports

We’ve introduced CRA Market Analysis Reports, included with every Community Qualifier license. These customized reports provide important geography, banking, nonprofit, housing, business, income and education data for each county in your bank’s assessment areas.  They’re accessible from the new navigation menu for any licensed bank user.

7. New small bank pricing plan

We’ve introduced our new small bank pricing plan for Community Qualifier. This plan is designed for banks that are operating in only one county.  With this plan, a single bank user can gain access to Community Qualifier for just $1,250 a year.

8. Updates to nonprofit profiles

We’ve added some new enhancements to our nonprofit profiles.  For every nonprofit, bank users can now view the Employer Identification Number.  We also included a “return to top” navigation arrow in the profile menu.  For nonprofit users, you can quickly update your contact details and who we help information by clicking on the new edit icon right from the nonprofit profile.

9. Quickly request a demo and other header updates

Our header has been updated to include a new “Request a Demo” button so you can quickly schedule a personalized walk-through of Community Qualifier for your bank.  We’ve removed the “I’m a Nonprofit Button” and replaced it with a new “Claim Nonprofit” button.

10. Enhanced user log in experience

The user log in experience has been updated to enhance the process and provide greater security. Now, when you log in, you’re taken to a log in webpage instead of our previous pop-up functionality.

11. Expanded CRA Consulting Services page

We’ve redesigned our CRA Consulting Services page with an overall new look.  We’ve also expanded the descriptions of the core consulting services we provide for banks and other community development professionals.

12. CRA Newswire updates

For each CRA Newswire article, we’ve incorporated a new link back to the original posting from the related agency or industry source. We’ve also included updates from the Economic Development Administration as our thirteenth source for community development news.

13. More states available on Community Qualifier

Since our last release, we’ve been busy adding more states to Community Qualifier.  As of today, we have 37 states available including the following new states – Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

14. More CRA City Snapshots too

With the addition of 13 new states, we’ve also created several new CRA City Snapshots.  New cities include Albuquerque, Atlanta, Jackson (MS), Kansas City (MO), Little Rock, Manchester (NH), New Orleans, Portland (ME), Providence and St. Louis with Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio coming soon.

15. New CRA Certification case study

For nonprofits and banks wondering how CRA Certification can make a difference, we’ve added a new case study.  You can read St. John Center for Homeless Men’s story here.

16. New Community Qualifier video

We’ve created a new 2-minute video outlining the many ways that Community Qualifier can help your bank research and build relationships with CRA-aligned nonprofits in your community. Check it out now on our bank product page or the Community Qualifier homepage.

17. “What is LMI?” infographic

“What is Low- and Moderate-Income or LMI?” is one of the most common questions in CRA.  To help you understand or explain this concept, we’ve created a simple infographic for you to share with your clients, staff or anyone else who wants to know.  You can download it now on our findCRA FAQs page.

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