October 6, 2022

HUD: Campus Compact & HUD Partner to Strengthen Higher Education Community Action

New HUD + Higher Ed Engagement Network will build opportunities for campuses to partner with HUD Field Offices & initiatives

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Campus Compact today announced a new higher education-focused collaboration, the HUD + Higher Ed Engagement Network. The Network, which will be led by Campus Compact in partnership with the Anchor Institutions Task Force (AITF), the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), and the University Economic Development Association (UEDA), will focus on strengthening connections and collaborations between higher education institutions and the 64 HUD field offices located throughout the country.

“We are thrilled to partner with Campus Compact on this initiative,” said Michele Perez, HUD’s Assistant Deputy Secretary for Field Policy and Management. “Under the leadership of Secretary Fudge, HUD is committed to increasing equity and improving customer service in the delivery of our programs and fulfillment of our mission. This partnership will bolster HUD’s and the members of the Higher Ed Engagement Network’s ability to serve our most vulnerable populations through the higher education space. Together, we will leverage our strong connections in our respective industries to enable a just, equitable, and sustainable future.”

Areas of focus for the Network will include worker empowerment, maternal and infant health, eviction prevention, landlord outreach, housing security and access, broadband access and digital literacy, and cultural competency.

“We are proud to launch this effort, which will revitalize the historically vital partnership between HUD and higher education,” said Bobbie Laur, Campus Compact president. “Campus Compact along with our partners at CUMU, AITF, and UEDA have long championed the impact publicly-engaged higher education institutions can make through equity-driven community, economic, and civic engagement. Through this partnership, we will demonstrate the positive change that can occur when higher education takes concrete steps to address critical issues threatening communities.”

Network activities will be led by the HUD + Higher Ed Engagement Think Tank, which is composed of 30 strategic leaders with broad experience across higher education in the areas of, community engagement, economic development, and public policy. The Think Tank will collaborate with HUD experts and leaders to develop ideas and resources for campuses to engage with HUD field offices and initiatives at the local level. Think Tank members are listed below.

The resources identified by the Think Tank will be disseminated to members of the HUD + Higher Ed Engagement Network, which will include a diverse group of higher education leaders and institutions from across the country. These institutions will put Think Tank plans into action on the ground with the goal of building inclusive, sustainable, and thriving communities through increased civic and community engagement. Membership in the network is free and open to all U.S. based higher-education institutions and their administrators, faculty, and staff. Compact, AITF, CUMU, and UEDA will engage Network members through training, technical assistance, and other resources.

Learn more and sign up at compact.org/current-programs/hud-higher-ed-engagement-network.

Think Tank members:

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