December 15, 2020

HUD: Grant to the Global Forum for Freedom and Justice Announced

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announced a $2.9 million dollar grant to the Global Forum for Freedom and Justice to conduct a feasibility study to determine the best location in Birmingham, Alabama to construct the “international gathering place focused on leadership, education, innovation and understanding, placed upon the sacred soil that gave rise to the modern Civil Rights Movement.”

“In today’s world, when we aren’t leaving home as often, efforts such as these to address the needs of communities in a virtual way are all the more critical,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. “As our society transitions to rely on more virtual resources, this sort of public-private partnership is crucial in making true progress. This $2.9 million dollar grant will help empower individuals with technological and leadership skills to prepare them to thrive in the modern era.”

The Global Forum for Freedom and Justice will be a groundbreaking institution in downtown Birmingham, which links the cultural anchors and legacies of the city’s renowned civil rights history with exploring contemporary issues that exist today — while activating and inspiring emerging leaders from around the world.

The Forum will serve as a dynamic resource and creative hub, offering grants for institutions as well as individual research fellowships, residencies, and scholarships for outstanding candidates in the arts and humanities, science and technology, law and public policy, medicine, public health, entrepreneurship, education, military, athletics, and in the faith community, while encouraging greater outreach and dialogue with the judicial and law enforcement sectors.

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