HUD: Over $47 Million Awarded to Fight Housing Discrimination

Grants to support and promote fair housing nationwide

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today awarded $47.4 million to fair housing organizations across the country under its Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP). The grants will support the efforts of 120 national and local fair housing organizations working to address violations of the Fair Housing Act and helping to end discrimination in housing. (See the list of grantees below.)

The grant funding will allow the grantees to provide fair housing enforcement by conducting investigations, testing to identify discrimination in the rental and sales markets, and filing fair housing complaints with HUD. In addition, grantees will carry out education and outreach activities to inform the public, housing providers, and local governments about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.

“The fair housing groups’ HUD funds are a critical piece of combatting housing discrimination,” said Jeanine Worden, HUD’s Acting Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. “The grants we’re announcing today will enable 120 fair housing groups to combat unfair evictions and other housing practices that violate the Fair Housing Act.”

HUD is awarding grants today in the following categories:

  • Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) – $34,556,620 is being awarded to organizations that conduct intake and testing and that investigate and litigate fair housing complaints under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Education and Outreach Initiative (EOI) – $10,747,218 is being awarded to organizations that educate the public and housing providers about the Fair Housing Act. These grants will also support state and local organizations that enhance fair housing laws that are substantially equivalent to the Fair Housing Act.
  • Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI) – $2,156,183 is being awarded to help build the capacity and effectiveness of non-profit fair housing organizations, particularly organizations that focus on the rights and needs of underserved populations, including rural and immigrant populations.

Fiscal Year 2021 FHIP Grants 

StateRecipientGrant TypeAmount
AlaskaAlaska Legal Services CorporationEOI$125,000
 Alaska Legal Services CorporationPEI$375,000
AlabamaFair Housing Center of Northern AlabamaPEI$375,000
 Mobile Fair Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 Central Alabama Fair Housing Center, Inc.PEI$374,826
ArizonaSonora Environmental Research Institute, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Southwest Fair Housing CouncilEOI$125,000
 Southwest Fair Housing CouncilPEI$375,000
 The Arizona Fair Housing CenterPEI$370,000
ArkansasLegal Aid of Arkansas, Inc.PEI$375,000
CaliforniaCalifornia Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.EOI$125,000
 CSA San Diego CountyEOI$125,000
 CSA San Diego CountyPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Fair Housing FoundationEOI$125,000
 Inland Fair Housing and Mediation BoardEOI$125,000
 Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.FHOI$250,000
 Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.PEI$278,500
 Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Orange County Fair Housing Council, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Southern California Housing Rights CenterEOI$125,000
 California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Council of Central CaliforniaPEI$353,177
 Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Orange County Fair Housing Council, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Advocates of Northern CaliforniaPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Advocates of Northern CaliforniaEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Advocates of Northern CaliforniaFHOI$250,000
 Inland Fair Housing and Mediation BoardPEI$375,000
 Southern California Housing Rights CenterPEI$375,000
 Project Sentinel Inc.PEI$375,000
 Bay Area Legal AidPEI$375,000
ConnecticutBridgeport Neighborhood TrustEOI$125,000
 Open Communities AllianceEOI$125,000
 Connecticut Fair Housing CenterFHOI$250,000
 Connecticut Fair Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 Connecticut Fair Housing CenterPEI$375,000
District of ColumbiaHousing Counseling ServicesEOI$125,000
 National Fair Housing AllianceEOI$499,149
 National Fair Housing AlliancePEI$375,000
 Equal Rights CenterPEI$375,000
 National Community Reinvestment CoalitionPEI$375,000
 National Community Reinvestment CoalitionEOI$499,636
 Equal Rights CenterEOI$125,000
DelawarePathways to Success, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.PEI$375,000
FloridaCity of TampaEOI$125,000
 Florida Legal Services, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Florida Legal Services, Inc.FHOI$250,000
 Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence (HOPE), Inc.EOI$125,000
 Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence (HOPE), Inc.PEI$375,000
 Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc.PEI$371,333
 Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.PEI$375,000
GeorgiaVeterans Center IncorporatedEOI$125,000
 JC Vision and Associates Inc.PEI$352,815
HawaiiLegal Aid Society of HawaiiPEI$375,000
 IowaIowa Legal AidFHOI$133,183
IdahoIntermountain Fair Housing Council, Inc.PEI$374,936
 Intermountain Fair Housing Council, Inc.EOI$124,955
 Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.EOI$124,445
IllinoisOpen CommunitiesEOI$125,000
 Open CommunitiesPEI$375,000
 South Suburban Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 South Suburban Housing CenterPEI$367,690
 The Board of Trustees of the University of IllinoisEOI$124,822
 H.O.P.E. Inc d/b/a HOPE Fair Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 H.O.P.E. Inc d/b/a HOPE Fair Housing CenterFHOI$132,000
 H.O.P.E. Inc d/b/a HOPE Fair Housing CenterPEI$374,996
 Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Legal Aid ChicagoPEI$375,000
 Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under LawPEI$354,831
 Access Living of Metropolitan ChicagoPEI$375,000
 HCP of Illinois, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Rogers Park Community Council dba Northside Community ResourcesPEI$375,000
IndianaFair Housing Center of Central Indiana, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, Inc.PEI$361,036
KentuckyLexington Fair Housing Council, Inc.EOI$78,401
 Lexington Fair Housing Council, Inc.PEI$375,000
LouisianaLouisiana Fair Housing Action Center, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, Inc.FHOI$250,000
 Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, Inc.PEI$375,000
MassachusettsSuffolk UniversityEOI$125,000
 Suffolk UniversityPEI$374,888
 Way Finders, Inc.EOI$125,000
 South Coast Fair Housing, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Massachusetts Fair Housing Center Inc.PEI$375,000
 Community Legal Aid, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Community Teamwork Inc.EOI$125,000
MainePine Tree Legal AssistancePEI$375,000
MichiganFair Housing Center of Southeastern MichiganEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Center of Southeastern MichiganPEI$374,998
 Legal Services of Eastern MichiganEOI$125,000
 Legal Services of Eastern MichiganPEI$347,233
 Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan DetroitPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Center of West MichiganEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Center of West MichiganPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Center of Southwest MichiganPEI$349,330
MinnesotaMid-Minnesota Legal AssistancePEI$375,000
MissouriMetropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity CouncilEOI$125,000
 Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity CouncilPEI$375,000
MississippiMississippi Center for JusticeEOI$125,000
 Mississippi Center for JusticePEI$375,000
 Housing Education and Economic Development, Inc.PEI$375,000
MontanaMontana Fair Housing, Inc.PEI$325,675
North CarolinaLegal Aid of North Carolina, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Telamon CorporationFHOI$250,000
North DakotaHigh Plains Fair Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 High Plains Fair Housing CenterFHOI$141,000
 High Plains Fair Housing CenterPEI$375,000
NebraskaCity of Lincoln, NebraskaEOI$125,000
 Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.PEI$375,000
New HampshireNew Hampshire Legal AssistanceEOI$81,490
 New Hampshire Legal AssistancePEI$375,000
New JerseyNew Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Council of Northern New JerseyEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Council of Northern New JerseyPEI$375,000
 Citizen Action of New JerseyEOI$125,000
NevadaSilver State Fair Housing CouncilEOI$124,999
 Silver State Fair Housing CouncilPEI$350,776
New YorkCNY Fair Housing, Inc.EOI$125,000
 CNY Fair Housing, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Justice Center, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Long Island Housing Services, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Brooklyn Legal ServicesPEI$375,000
 City of White PlainsEOI$125,000
OhioFair Housing Opportunities, Inc. dba The Fair Housing CenterEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Opportunities, Inc. dba The Fair Housing CenterPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Housing Research & Advocacy CenterEOI$125,000
 Housing Research & Advocacy CenterPEI$375,000
 Miami Valley Fair Housing Center, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Ohio State Legal Services AssociationPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Contact Service, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Contact Service, Inc.EOI$125,000
OklahomaMetropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.PEI$375,000
OregonFair Housing Council of OregonEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Council of OregonPEI$375,000
Pennsylvania Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern PennsylvaniaEOI$125,000
 Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern PAPEI$375,000
 Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Tabor Community Services, Inc.EOI$124,902
 Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia, Inc.EOI$125,000
South CarolinaCharleston Trident Urban LeagueEOI$125,000
 Greenville County Human Relations CommissionEOI$124,000
TennesseeWest Tennessee Legal Services, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Tennessee Fair Housing Council, Inc.PEI$375,000
TexasNorth Texas Fair Housing CenterPEI$375,000
 San Antonio Fair Housing Council, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Greater Houston Fair Housing Center, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Austin Tenants’ CouncilPEI$375,000
UtahDisability Law CenterPEI$374,580
Virginia Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, IncFHOI$250,000
 Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc.PEI$375,000
 Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, IncEOI$125,000
 Hampton Roads Community Action Program IncEOI$91,270
VermontChamplain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Vermont Legal Aid, Inc.EOI$125,000
 Vermont Legal Aid, Inc.PEI$375,000
WashingtonNorthwest Fair Housing AlliancePEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Center of WashingtonPEI$375,000
 Fair Housing Center of WashingtonEOI$125,000
 Northwest Fair Housing AllianceEOI$125,000
WisconsinMetropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing CouncilEOI$125,000
 Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing CouncilEOI$499,149
 Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing CouncilPEI$375,000
West VirginiaWest Virginia Coalition to End HomelessnessEOI$125,000

People who believe they have experienced discrimination may file a complaint by contacting HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at (800) 669-9777 (voice) or (800) 877-8339 (Relay). Housing discrimination complaints may also be filed by going to

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