August 29, 2023

HUD: Regional House Parties Across the Country Scheduled to Increase Homeownership

Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced during the final week of the initiative HUD On the Road: August 2023, the agency is rounding out the month with their work around boosting homeownership through HUD House Parties across the country. “HUD on the Road” aims to make HUD more accessible, supporting those in need while enhancing wealth-building and homeownership opportunities for all Americans.

“In June, we were excited to mark National Homeownership Month by hosting HUD’s House Party 2.0 on the National Mall. The lively event gave us an opportunity to show people that homeownership, and the wealth building opportunities it provides, is possible,” said Secretary Marcia L. Fudge. “Throughout the summer, our HUD team has hosted regional house parties in communities across the country to share information about what it takes to buy a home in 2023. The regional house parties are helping us make sure current and future homeowners in every community are informed, and prepared to navigate the home buying process. I’m pleased so many people have joined us to start their journey toward homeownership.”

Upcoming 2023 Regional House Parties

Past 2023 Regional House Parties

This August, HUD was on the road across the country to empower local communities to increase the supply of affordable housing through building preservation and innovation. Each week as HUD principals hit the road, HUD focused on a particular theme chose to highlight the work the agency is doing to make HUD easier to navigate, boost wealth building, and stimulate homeownership opportunities for all.

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