November 1, 2017

New Collection of Essays from findCRA Looks at Present and Future of the Community Reinvestment Act

Freddie Mac, National Housing Trust, eHome America honor the 40th anniversary with contributions

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Community Reinvestment Act, findCRA, an organization dedicated to creating partnerships to meet community needs, is releasing a collection of works with collaborators including Freddie Mac, the National Housing Trust, eHome America, Next Step Network, Fifth Third Bank and more examining the present and future of CRA.

“The Community Reinvestment Act demonstrably changed the face of our nation by directly addressing race-based redlining practices and embracing banks’ capacity to contribute to and help create real change in their own communities,” said Ben Loehle, findCRA CEO and Co-Founder, who wrote the book’s introduction. “CRA’s mission feels as urgent now as ever before, and we wanted to bring our expansive community of people who are deeply invested in this work together to honor that in this 40th anniversary year.”

The book features thoughts on current topics ranging from fair lending practices to affordable housing needs to innovative nonprofit fundraising strategies. It also takes a look at the future of CRA including calling for policy changes, innovative approaches to community development and the role technology will play.

“As a tech-based company, we think more about the future of CRA than we do the past or the present, although our work is deeply rooted in and informed by both,” said Brian Waters, findCRA President and Co-Founder, who contributed a chapter based on findCRA’s presentation at this year’s annual Wolters Kluwer CRA & Fair Lending Colloquium focused on how technology can drive the future of CRA relationship building. “The world is changing faster than ever. What does that mean for CRA? We need to harness that change and use technology to enable, improve and grow the partnerships that are at the heart of our work in communities.”

The book, entitled CRA at Forty: Views on the Present and Future of Community Reinvestment, is available for purchase on Amazon and findCRA has published the full collection of essays at


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