November 17, 2020

OCC: Statement on the President’s Intent to Nominate Brian P. Brooks to Serve as Comptroller of the Currency

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian P. Brooks released the following statement upon the announcement that President Donald J. Trump intends to nominate him to serve as the 32nd Comptroller of the Currency.

It is a great honor to have President Donald J. Trump announce his intent to nominate me to serve our nation as the 32ndComptroller of the Currency.

The mission of the Comptroller of the Currency benefits each American by ensuring our national banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe, sound, and fair manner. The OCC aims to promote fair access to capital and credit for the hundreds of millions of customers the federal banking system serves. We strive to make sure banks remain capable of providing the financial services that businesses and communities depend on to conduct their important activities each day. The more than 3,500 men and women of the OCC tirelessly work to keep the U.S. banking system the most respected in the world and a powerful source of strength for our economy and the nation.

As Acting Comptroller of the Currency, I am proud to contribute to this 157-year-old mission. If confirmed, I will work ceaselessly to ensure the agency continues to fulfill its critical mission and the men and women of this agency have the resources, training, and leadership they need to succeed in their duties.

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