June 12, 2018

Streamline Performance Context Research with our CRA Market Analysis Reports

At findCRA, we provide you with tools and resources to streamline your CRA research process.  We’re excited to announce our newest tool – CRA Market Analysis Reports.

We know that an important step in managing your CRA compliance is building an effective CRA performance context for each of your bank’s communities.  To achieve this, you need to know specific data about each of your assessment areas, including geographic, economic and demographic trends. It’s also important to develop an understanding of the needs of your bank’s communities and the nonprofit organizations that are working to meet those needs. As a CRA officer or community development banker who is already overburdened with too many meetings, events, follow-ups and tasks, building performance context can be daunting. That’s why we created CRA Market Analysis Reports.

Our CRA Market Analysis Reports are designed to help you quickly understand various factors regarding important data and trends within your assessment areas, at the county level.  When you purchase a license to our Community Qualifier platform, your bank not only gets instant access to our CRA-focused nonprofit search engine but will also receive customized CRA Market Analysis Reports for each county in your bank’s assessment areas.

These reports include dozens of data points to help you document performance context including information on population, income, education, business, unemployment and housing. Information is included from current resources provided by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), U.S. Census Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and more.  We also incorporate aggregated data from our own CRANIA algorithm to demonstrate how CRA-aligned nonprofits are working within a particular county.

CRA Market Analysis Reports are available for every licensed bank user of Community Qualifier.  To discuss how your bank can get access to our CRA Market Analysis Reports or schedule a demo of Community Qualifier, click here or contact us at info@findCRA.com or 1-844-2-findCRA.


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