ABA: Bankers Celebrate 19 Years of Teaching Children to Save

Estimated 293,880 children will be reached in 2015 through Teach Children to Save

WASHINGTON — More than 14,000 bankers will host financial education events across the country this week as part of the 19th annual Teach Children to Save Day, on April 24. Since 1997, the program – sponsored by the American Bankers Association’s Community Engagement Foundation – has reached 7.5 million children with the help of more than 221,000 banker volunteers.

In the Teach Children to Save classroom lesson, bankers teach students financial skills through activities, interactive scenarios and sharing real-life experiences. The lessons cover the basics of saving, how interest makes money grow, how to create a budget and how to distinguish needs from wants.
This year, approximately 18 members of congress will join some of the participating banks in their Teach Children to Save lessons. “This program is a great opportunity for lawmakers to see the work banks are doing in their communities,” said Frank Keating, ABA president and CEO. “It’s thrilling to see the interest from members of Congress to join a Teach Children to Save event.”
“It’s never too early to start building the foundation for life-long money skills,” said Corey Carlisle, ABA senior vice president of bank community engagement. “Through this program, bankers continue to shape the financial education foundation for millions of children across the country.”
Teach Children to Save events will take place across the country with more than 4,488 branches from banks of all sizes and charters participating. Click here for the full list: Bank Participation List. The Teach Children to Save program is also generously supported by its national partners: Citi; U.S. Bank; and Wells Fargo, and through the Foundation’s continued collaboration with Operation HOPE.