ABA: Bankers Celebrate 20 Years Teaching Children to Save on April 29

Estimated 450,000 children will be reached in 2016 through Teach Children to Save

​WASHINGTON — More than 13,000 bankers will host financial education events across the country this week in celebration of the 20th annual Teach Children to Save Day on April 29. Since 1997, Teach Children to Save and the ABA Foundation’s financial education initiatives have reached approximately 8.2 million children with the help of more than 245,000 banker volunteers.
In a Teach Children to Save classroom lesson, bankers teach students the fundamentals of financial literacy through age-specific activities and interactive scenarios. The lessons cover the basics of saving, as well as how to create a budget and distinguish needs from wants.
This year, the ABA Foundation partnered with First Book to provide an avenue for banks to donate financial education-related books to the classrooms where they deliver their money skills presentations.
In addition, approximately 38 members of Congress have been paired with bankers to help lead Teach Children to Save lessons.
“This program is a great opportunity for lawmakers to see the work banks are doing in their communities and the positive impact of early financial education,” said Rob Nichols, ABA president and CEO. “I’m grateful for their support and believe it underscores the importance of our efforts.”
The ABA Foundation will mark the day by participating in a financial literacy lesson for fourth and fifth grade students at Medfield Heights Elementary in Baltimore. The event, hosted by partner Operation HOPE, will have banker volunteers from 1st Mariner Bank, Eastern Savings Bank, M&T Bank, SunTrust Bank and Wells Fargo.
“By introducing children to financial concepts at an early age, we better equip them to make smart decisions in the future,” said Corey Carlisle, ABA Foundation executive director. “Through Teach Children to Save and the volunteer efforts of our nation’s bankers, we can shape the financial foundation for millions of children across the country.”
Nearly 740 banks of all sizes and charters will host Teach Children to Save events this year. Click here for the full list: Bank Participation List.
The Teach Children to Save program is generously supported by its national partners: Citi, Fiserv, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo, and through the ABA Foundation’s continued collaboration with First Book and Operation HOPE.