January 31, 2023

Census Bureau: 2022 Economic Census of Businesses Underway

Today the U.S. Census Bureau announced the beginning of data collection for the 2022 Economic Census. Businesses across the nation will begin receiving invitations to respond online to the economic census and will have until March 15 to submit their responses. The economic census is the U.S. government’s official 5-year measure of American businesses and the economy.

The first phase of the 2022 Economic Census began October 24, 2022, with a request for North American Industry Classification System information from selected small businesses. The economic census is sent to over 4 million businesses (including large, medium and small companies) to collect a range of operational and performance data. These businesses are representative of most industries and geographies in the United States and Island Areas.

To learn more about responding to the 2022 Economic Census, visit the Information for Respondents webpage. More information is available at the About the Economic Census webpage and in the press kit.

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