August 25, 2023

Census Bureau: 2030 Census Advisory Committee Established

The U.S. Census Bureau today announced it will establish a new federal advisory committee focused on the 2030 Census.  

The 2030 Census Advisory Committee is another way the Census Bureau is engaging with diverse voices as it prepares for the next decennial census and seeks external perspectives on its plans to address census undercounts, communicate with different communities and collect census information in an easy and efficient way.

The Census Bureau invites the public to nominate panel members representing stakeholder organizations, groups, interests and viewpoints to:  

Members will serve as representatives of their respective group or viewpoint. Instructions for submitting nominations are available in the Federal Register notice.

The Census Bureau plans to convene the first meeting of the new committee late this year or in early 2024. More information about the committee is available in this blog post, Submit Your Nominations for Our New 2030 Census Advisory Committee by Census Bureau Director Robert L. Santos.

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