Census Bureau: American FactFinder Officially Retired; Data.census.gov Now Primary Data Tool

Today the U.S. Census Bureau retired American FactFinder (AFF), the primary dissemination tool on census.gov for the past 20 years. Beginning in June of 2019, the Census Bureau stopped releasing new data in AFF, and transitioned to data.census.gov for data releases formerly on AFF. Data.census.gov represents a new chapter in the Census Bureau’s dissemination approach by centralizing data access and allowing for a more rapid response to customers.

For more information about the transition from AFF to data.census.gov, see Transition From AFF. Included on this page is information on historic AFF data; documentation on updating AFF links; and resource materials, including tutorials, webinars and tips on using data.census.gov. Please email questions or comments to <cedsci.feedback@census.gov>.

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