March 18, 2024

Census Bureau: New Annual Integrated Economic Survey Officially Launches

The U.S. Census Bureau has officially launched its newest survey — the Annual Integrated Economic Survey (AIES). On Friday, March 15, approximately 370,000 businesses began receiving notices to respond to the 2023 AIES. This new survey will provide key measures of economic activity, including the only comprehensive national and subnational data on business revenues, expenses and assets on an annual basis. The due date for responses to the 2023 AIES is April 30, 2024, and the first annual release of data will be in summer 2025.

To ease respondent burden and streamline data collection, the AIES is designed to consolidate and combine content from seven current economic surveys: the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey (ACES), Annual Retail Trade Survey (ARTS), Annual Survey of Manufacturers (ASM), Annual Wholesale Trade Survey (AWTS), Manufacturers’ Unfilled Orders Survey (M3UFO), Service Annual Survey (SAS), and the Report of Organization (COS). More information about these surveys and AIES innovations is available in our blog “Integrating Our Business Statistics for an Ever-Changing U.S. Economy.”

More information about the new survey is available on the AIES website.

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